Jameson Blender's Dog

One exemplar from the whiskey trilogy of the true masters.
0,7 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Jameson Blender's Dog
Country: Ireland
Whisk(e)y type: Irish Blended Whiskey
Distillery: Midleton
Bottler: John Jameson & Son Ltd./ Irish Distillers Ltd.
Alcohol: 43%
Flavour: Slight, fruity notes with approvals of walnut and vanilla.
Taste: Sweet butterscotch with nutritious fruit notes and soft tannins.
Finish: Particularly long lasting with luxuriant fruit essences.
Special: The used corn is dried in closed stoves instead of over an open peat fire. Tripple distilled, non chill-filterd.

1780 John Jameson opened his distillery at Bow Street in Dublin. Approx. 2.000 distilleries existed in Ireland at that time. John Jameson & Son were second largest Distilling Company in the country already in 1820. Today the whiskey is enjoyed in 120 countries worldwide. The production now takes place in Middleton, in the south of Ireland.

Further details
Country of origin: Ireland
Company: John Jameson & Son Limited
Address: The Bow Street Distillery, Dublin 7, Ireland