Rum / / Martinique

J.M Rhum Cuvée 1845

Produced by hand in only very small batches, he reflects the 170-year tradition of the distillery perfectly.
0,7 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: J.M Rhum Cuvée 1845
Country: Martinique
Rum type: Rhum Agricole
Distillery: Destillerie Bellevue
Description: A blend from at least 10 year old rum, matured in small, French oak barrels. He stands out due to dominant flavours of Christmassy spices, peppers, coriander, gingerbread and vanilla.
Alcohol: 42%
Colour: Dark amber
Drink recommendation: Enjoy pure.

The small 1845 founded Distillerie in the northeast of the island of Martinique has taken it to world fame in the course of its existence. This "Rhum Agricole" is distilled exclusively out of the pure fermented juice of the sugar cane of one's own and stored in Limousin oak barrels. Rhum J.M is the only "Single-Domaine-Sugarcane Rhumerie" (100% Estate Grown) in Martinique. The Appellation Contrôlée Martinique means that no additions, such as sugar or caramel, may be used.

Further details
Country of origin: Martinique
Company: Distillerie J.M
Address: Rhumerie de Fonds-Préville - 97218 Macouba Martinique
Distributor: Sasse Weinimport GmbH
Address: Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 15, 86807 Buchloe