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Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey Blend 42%

A preposterously delectable hybrid of Scotch Canadian and American Whiskies.
0,7 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: Huxley Rare Genus Whiskey Blend
Alcohol: 42%
Characteristics: The smoky, peaty flavours of scotch whisky, the buttery, caramel like sweetness and the tasty roasting notes of American whiskeys combine skilfully with the fruity, vanilla aromatic character of Canadian whisky. A strange and at the same time astonishing creation - a blend for adventurous and curious palates.
Special: A unique blend - a combination out of Scotch, Canadian and American Whiskey.
Further details
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Distributor: Diageo
Address: Reeperbahn 1, D-20359 Hamburg