Fruit brandy

Hinricus Noyte's Edler Brand from der Wildkirsche

Wild kirsch - stored for more than 25 years in stoneware.
0,35 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: Hinricus Noyte's Edler Brand von der Wildkirsche
Country: Germany
Producer: Hinricus Noyte's
Fruit variety: Wild-growing wild cherry
Alcohol: 42%
Colour: Crystal-clear
Flavour: In the nose full, gossamery and structured flavour.
Taste: At the palate a rare, flavour rich consumption.

Collecting these little fruits of the wild-growing wild cherry, a rarity from the Swabian Alps is extremely laborious. The gain made of this valuable raw material is with 4 litres at 42% distillate from 100 kg of fruits extremely low!  

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Hinricus Noyte´s Spirituosen GmbH Wismar
Address: Kleine Hohe Str. 15, D-23966 Wismar