Fruit brandy

Hinricus Noyte's Edler Brand from der Reineclaude

Fine greengage distillate - stored for more than 25 years in stoneware.
0,35 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: Hinricus Noyte's Edler Brand von der Reineclaude
Country: Germany
Producer: Hinricus Noyte's
Fruit variety: Greengage
Alcohol: 42%
Drink recommendation: Enjoy the smell and taste of the royal noble plum in a big-bellied glass best.
Awards: DLG - Award in Gold 2014

The greengage is a yellow green noble plum, named after a French queen of the 15th century. This old fruit has become quite rare in the meantime because it had to give way to yield richer plum types often. By chance the company Hinricus Noyte's could purchase a distillate, matured more than 25 years and stored in the stoneware, from the heirs of a South German little distillery.  

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Hinricus Noyte´s Spirituosen GmbH Wismar
Address: Kleine Hohe Str. 15, D-23966 Wismar