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Hilaritas Gewürzliqueur

A noble liqueur from finest spices with a fruity orange note.
0,5 liter - 32% ABV
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Article: Hilaritas Gewürzliqueur
Country: Germany
Classification: Herb liqueur
Alcohol: 32%
Characteristics: Produced carefully among others from finest spices like vanilla, anise and cinnamon. With a fruity orange note.
Colour: Dark coffee
Flavour: The smell is characterized by vanilla, cinnamon and harmony of the used herbs.
Taste: An interplay from sweetness, seasoning and fruit and a lavish body. Cloves, a breath anise and a fresh citrus note then join on the tongue. The elegant sweetness rounds off the taste experience.
Finish: Long lasting.
Drinking temperature: At room temperature it develops his full bouquet.

Hilaritas (lat.) means: cheerful calmness

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Simex
Address: Wiesenstraße 5, D-52428 Jülich