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Hierbas Muntaner Mix / Mesclades 36%

Traditional, semi dry herb liqueur from herbs from Majorca.
1 liter - 36% ABV
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Article: Hierbas Muntaner Mix / Mesclades
Country: Spain
Region: Majorca
Producer: Destilerias Antonio Nadal A.S.
Alcohol: 36%
Colour: Amber
Taste: Easily sweetish with dominant herb flavours, well balanced with anise note.
Special: 100% nature, free of artificial flavours, without preservative.
List of ingredients: Sweet anise liqueur, herbs, caramelized sugar
Allergens: Free of declarable allergens.
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Antonio Nadal, S.A.
Address: Conradors 22-24, 07141 Marratxí - Mallorca / Spain
Storage note: Do not expose to any high temperature fluctuations, avoid temperatures above 30° C as well as direct solar radiation.