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Hernö Sipping Gin No. 1.2 ex Laphroaig Cask 2018

A very special limited edition.
0,5 liter - 45.3% ABV
€ 233,00 / 1 liter, prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
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Article: Hernö Sipping Gin No. 1.2 ex Laphroaig Cask 2018
Country: Sweden
Region: Dala, Ångermanland
Producer: Hernö Gin
Alcohol: 45.3%
Characteristics: Hernö Sipping Gin is a classic Hernö Gin, stored for some months in barrels chosen deliberately, in which other very special dainties matured before. One disregarded the "normal" rules at the version 2018 and disregarded limits by refining the gin in a former Laphroig barrel. A smoky sipping gin arose which is unparalleled.
Number of bottles: 787

This is an unusual project to strengthen the tourism in the region and lure visitors to this little lovely area of the earth. The start of the strictly limited edition rewards the visitor of the 'Box Whisky Festival' and the 'Hernö Gin Open House' events, by getting the first option to ordering these rarities.       

Further details
Country of origin: Sweden
Company: Hernö Gin
Address: Dala 152, 871 93 Härnösand Sweden