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Gunroom London Dry Gin Gunpowder Proof 57%

0,5 liter - 57% ABV
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Article: Gunroom London Dry Gin Gunpowder Proof 57%
Country: England
Region: London
Alcohol: 57%
Characteristics: The production of this dry gin is carried out after an old formula as well as according to traditional rules for London Dry gin and in a copper still. The Botanicals: Junipers, coriander, angelica root, iris root, lemon peel, orange peel, liquorice root, savoury, cinnamon cassia, almonds, nutmeg and cinnamon are macerated into alcohol before the distillation. The maturation of the gin is carried out for about 45 - 60 days in former whisky barrels.
Taste: Powerful, complex and aromatic.

According to an old seafarer tradition the so-called Navy Spirits had to show a high alcoholic content in case a barrel should run out. Due to the high alcohol strength the black gunpowder  for the cannons then could nevertheless still ignite. This way the name "Gunpowder Proof" arose. The storage in whisky barrels was also typical of the Navy Spirits instead of glass containers since these were far too fragile on long cruises. The Gunroom Navy rum also takes this criterion into account and the maturity period is so carried out in barrels.        

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Country of origin: England
Company: Integrity Spirits Ltd. C/O Renbjer & Magnusson
Address: Vanadisvägen 28, 11346 Stockholm Sweden