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Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin

Fruitily summery gin apéritif - according to an original recipe of 1880.
0,7 liter - 37.5% ABV
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Article: Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin
Country: England
Alcohol: 37.5%
Characteristics: Produced with natural fruit flavours (raspberries, strawberries and red currants) for a marvellous berry note.
Colour: Pink
Taste: Balanced with the natural sweetness from raspberries and strawberries and a surprising breath red currant.

Recipe suggestion:

Gordon's Pink & Tonic

1 part of (4 cl) Gordon Premium Pink
4 parts (16 cl) Dry Tonic
Pour into a wine-glass, garnish with frozen berries just as you like         

List of ingredients: Colourings
E numbers: E129, E151, E155
Further details
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Company: Alexander Gordon & Co
Address: Lakeside Drive, Park Royal London, NW10 7 HQ, UK
Distributor: Diageo Germany GmbH
Address: Reeperbahn 1, D-20359 Hamburg