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GoldEngel Elixirum Aperitivum Holunderblüten - Salbei - Liqueur 0,5 Liter

The duet of elderflower and sage is a fascinating interplay.
0,5 liter - 20% ABV
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Article: GoldEngel Elixirum Aperitivum Holunderblüten - Salbei - Liqueur
Country: Germany
Alcohol: 20%
Flavour: Fruity floral bouquet and herbal base.
Taste: Unmistakable note of elderflowers, light sweetness and softly herbal.
Finish: Fresh and long.
Special: Contains neither pigments nor preservatives.
Drink recommendation: As aperitif or simply on its own. Pure, on ice or also mixed e.g. with champagne, juice and in cocktails.

The extract of the elderflowers of the black elder, Sambucus nigra, is aromatic and palatable. Reminding of freshness and herbs in smell and taste it arouses the imagination, however, remains unmistakable. The smell and the easy spiciness of sage, Salvia officinalis, is an addition to the floral note of the elder. 

The elder flower harvest is exacting piece of work. Since they are very sensitive in all respects, they must be reaped carefully and fast. The flowers are luxuriant, nice-smelling and ripe only on few days, mostly in June. But the effort is worthwhile. Sage with his Mediterranean temperament is an uncomplicated character.

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Krugmann Markenspirituosen GmbH & Co.KG
Address: Krim 2, 58540 Meinerzhagen