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Gölles Holler / Elder

0,35 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Gölles Holler / Holunder
Country: Austria
Region: Styria, Riegersburg
Producer: Schnapsbrennerei Alois Gölles
Fruit variety: Elderberry
Alcohol: 43%
Characteristics: Made from the finest select elderberries from Styria. Sweetly fragrant, lean and spicy, firm and a bit tart in the finish.

Styria northernmost
Wild and romantic, sun-soaked and bathed in soft winds lies the landscape of Styria, Austria's southeastern most province. Great wines are vinted here, the pumpkin seeds grown for their aromatic oil ripen to perfection, and, most importantly, the soil is ideal for fruit trees of every kind. Orchards stretch in a broad band across the width of southern Styria. The trees extend their roots deep into the volcanic soils rich with minerals, and the moderate climate provides just the right amount of warmth and moisture. In the heart of this huge garden lies the picturesque village of Riegersburg. The hill country surrounding Riegersburg is home to the orchards of the Gölles family, and the incomparable flavour of Styrian fruit is intensified in their distillery to its quintessential quality. By the way: „Styrian“ also describes a type of character: straightforward, strong, down-to-earth, full of zest for life, a character shared by Gölles Schnapps.

To produce truly excellent schnapps, the fruit has to be fully ripe, unblemished and harvest fresh. So much the better if the fruit ripens right at the door of the distillery. The other prerequisites for making fine schnapps are the sensibilities of a master distiller and more than a little modern technology: electronic temperature regulation during fermentation and distillation as well as extremely precise equipment for stoning certain kinds of fruit. Today this equipment has become indispensable in the house of Gölles. Not that experience is any less important: Alois Gölles has been distilling schnapps since 1984, and the Gölles orchards - like most in the region - have been nurtured in the traditional manner for decades.

Distilling Spirits Properly
The production of truly fine spirits requires more than simply observing the laws of man and nature. In keeping with its far more demanding rules, the Gölles family makes schnapps:
1 of perfectly hygienic and attractive fruit.
2 of fruit of optimal freshness and powerful aroma.
3 of fruit of ideal, typical taste and perfect ripeness.
4 of presorted specimens free of blemishes, seeds and stones.
5 after slow, temperature-controlled fermentation that optimally preserves and enhances aroma.
6 in two stages of refining in copper kettles, slowly and gently in a process called ”double distillation.“
7 Schnapps is bottled only after sufficient aging, which takes at least a year.
8 No sugars or aromatic substances are ever added to Gölles Schnapps.
9 Gölles Schnapps is bottled when the alcoholic content has reached an ideal level, usually 45% alcohol by volume, so that the full flavour lingers enticingly, complementing an aroma that is complex.
10 Until it is sold, Gölles Schnapps is moved as little as possible. Quintessential spirits need peace and quiet to attain peak maturity.

Time is taste: Gölles Schnapps is carefully double distilled and aged in glass demijohns or oak casks until it has attained full harmony.

Pure spirits from fully ripe fruit. Distilled in the traditional manner in copper kettles. Aged in glass demijohns or oak casks until harmonious maturity has been attained.

The Alois Gölles Schnapps Distillery is a founding member of Quinta Essentia, an association to promote the double distillation of fine spirits.

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: GÖLLES Manufaktur für edlen Brand & feinen Essig
Address: A-8333 Riegersburg, Stang 52