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Glen Els PX Sherry Cask 10 Years

0,7 liter - 52.6% ABV
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Article: Glen Els PX Sherry Cask 10 Years X2
Country: Germany
Region: Harz Mountains, Zorge
Whisk(e)y type: Harzer Single Malt
Producer: Hammerschmiede
Age: 10 Years
Barrel: First fill sherry hogsheads from Spain.
Alcohol: 52.6%
Characteristics: Malt: 90% Non-WOODSMOKED, 10% WOODSMOKED

Primarily the luxuriant fruity flavours can spread in the foreground while the smoke malt shall provide a warming undertone in the background for tasty notes and in the finish.
Taste: Primarily the opulent notes of the sherry barrels in the interplay with the distillate dominate in the nose and at the palate. The fragrance spectrum reaches from caramel biscuits from sweet, almost oily raisins up to fine chocolate notes. These opulent flavours of a well defined oak note and flavours of fresh nut pastries are carried in the background.
Special: Non chill-filtered, non coloured. The product does not contain added sugar.
Number of bottles: 750

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Hammerschmiede Manufactur feinster Spirituosen
Address: Elsbach 11a, 37449 Zorge