Finlandia Nordic Berries 1,0 Liter

Vodka with the natural flavours of wild berries.
1 liter - 37.5% ABV
currently not available
Article: Finlandia Nordic Berries
Country: Finland
Classification: Aromatisierter/flavoured Vodka
Fruit variety: Lingonberries, cloudberries and forest blueberries.
Alcohol: 37.5%
Characteristics: Unmistakably fruity, with a lingering aftertaste.
Special: Produced to 100% from natural ingredients. Containing no artificial flavours or additives.
Drink recommendation: Pure, long drinks or cocktails.

For the production 6-line barley, grown under the midnight sun and containing little oil, which prospers in accordance with the quality and environmental awareness without use of chemicals is used as well as pure, mineral rich glacier spring water from a source in Rajamäki.

Further details
Country of origin: Finland
Company: Finlandia Vodka Worldwide Ltd.
Address: Porkkalankatu 24, 00180 Helsinki, Finland