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Etter Weichselkirsch Barrique 2011

This exceptional speciality, Etter Weichsel-Kirsch 2011 is a special pleasure not only for cherry enthusiasts!
Year 2011 - 0,7 liter - 44% ABV
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Article: Etter Weichsel-Kirsch Barrique 2011
Country: Switzerland
Region: Zug
Producer: Distillerie Etter
Vintage: 2011
Fruit variety: Swiss sour cherries
Alcohol: 44%
Characteristics: In the nose intensive and distinctive bouquet. At the palate powerful, full and elegant body. Typical sour cherry flavour that is unmistakably different from all other cherry types. Soft almond note and Long lasting finish.
Special: Limited Edition - matured in barrique.

To distil the contents of a 70 cl. bottle, you need 7.7 kg Swiss sour cherries.

Further details
Country of origin: Swiss
Address: Chollerstrasse 4 CH-6300 Zug
Distributor: A. Segnitz & Co. GmbH
Address: Anne-Conway-Str. 4, 28359 Bremen