Fruit brandy

Etter Framboise

Etter Framboise, a berry speciality from Swiss woods raspberries.
0,7 liter - 41% ABV
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Article: Etter Framboise
Country: Switzerland
Region: Wallis
Producer: Distillerie Etter
Fruit variety: Swiss woods raspberries.
Alcohol: 41%
Characteristics: Noble, flavour rich and fully mature Swiss raspberries pass taste and strength on to the spirit of purest distillate. At the cool storage of this raspberry spirit, this specialty rounds himself to its full, aromatic and fruit typical size.
Special: The basis for the excellent smell and taste is reached by the extremely generous calculated proportion of the fruits to the taste load-bearing brandy.
Further details
Country of origin: Swiss
Address: Chollerstrasse 4 CH-6300 Zug
Distributor: A. Segnitz & Co. GmbH
Address: Anne-Conway-Str. 4, 28359 Bremen