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EKTE Pungent & Geeky Rum 47%

0,7 liter - 47% ABV
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Article: EKTE Pungent & Geeky Rum
Country: Caribbean
Producer: EKTE Spirits
Alcohol: 47%
Characteristics: A belnd out of: 20% Trinidad column-still rum, matured up to 5 years 40% Barbados blend of pot- and column-still rum, matured up to 8 years 40% Jamaika pot-still rum, matured up to 3 years.
Flavour: Intensive floral and fruity flavours with a note of oak in the background.
Taste: Very tasty at the palate, develops sweetish flavour of tropical fruits, remains, however, dry in the taste.
Finish: Fruity with notes of oak.
Further details
Company: EKTE Spirits Aps
Address: Studiestræde CPH-1455 København, Danmark