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EKTE Dark & Aged Rum

0,7 liter - 38% ABV
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Article: EKTE Dark & Aged Rum
Country: Caribbean
Producer: EKTE Spirits
Alcohol: 38%
Characteristics: A blend out of: 45% Trinidad column-still rum, aged up to 5 years 45% Guyana pot-still rum, aged up to 5 years 10% Barbados blend of pot- and column-still rum, aged up to 8 years.
Taste: Flavours of caramel with notes of oak and Demerara sugar as well as easy nuances of citrus fruits. These flavours develop in the mouth and reach the nose with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.
Finish: Strong notes to Muscovado sugar in the finish.
Further details
Company: EKTE Spirits Aps
Address: Studiestræde CPH-1455 København, Danmark