Dr. Jaglas Golfers Ginseng Elixier 0,05 Liter

A quality herb bitter.
0,05 liter - 35% ABV
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Article: Dr. Jaglas Golfers Ginseng Elixier
Country: Germany
Producer: Dr. Jaglas German Nature
Alcohol: 35%
Characteristics: Full-bodied bouquet and elegant body on basis of ginseng root. Completed by exquisite bitter herbs, barks and roots among others ginger root, gentian root, cinchona bark, cardamom, zedoary, cloves, bitter orange peels, centaury, cinnamon bark, gallant rootstock, camphors, lavenders, valerian root, citronella, angelica root and a breath of saffron.
Taste: The for ginseng characteristically sharp taste lets itself be seen at the palate, reminding of liquorice and  the smell of the woods.
Finish: Restrained in the aftertaste.
Drink recommendation: As a long drink ore pure over ice.
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Dr. Jaglas German Nature
Address: Choriner Straße 40, D-10435 Berlin