Don Papa Sherry Cask

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Article: Don Papa Sherry Cask
Country: Philippinen
Barrel: American oak, finish in sherry cask.
Alcohol: 45%
Drink recommendation: One ideally enjoys it purely.

The story of Don Papa rum
Don Papa is one of the less known heroes of the Philippine revolution. But before he followed the fight for the independence of his country and cited his compatriots in the fight against the conquerors, he was a simple foreman on a sugar cane plantation.
The memories of Don Papas successes in the revolution faded in the course of the time, but the reaped sugar cane is a symbol of his admiration to this day.
Don Papas energy and his untiring fighting spirit is in every bottle of this unusual rum which is produced exclusively in small batches.      

The country: The sugar island of Negros
Negros was more regarded than a century as the "sugar bowl" of the Philippines.
As of the middle of the 19th century within the 1980s years the cultivation of sugar cane dominated these island rugged from mountains with luxuriant jungle areas and white sandy beaches. One of the most successful and sweetest sugar cane types prospered on the fertile volcanic ground. Distributed over the complete island historical estates show the blossom of the sugar barons and their wealth.

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Country of origin: Philippines
Company: Kanlaon Limited
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