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Studier, Matura Rotwein, Qualitätswein b. A., trocken, 2016, Pfalz

A body rich, full but harmonious red wine cuvée.
Year 2016 - 0,75 liter - 13.0% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: 2016 Matura Rotwein trocken Qualitätswein b. A. Studier
Country: Germany
Growing area: Palatinate
Category: Red wine, dry
Classification: Qualitätswein b. A.
Producer: Studier
Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot und St. Laurent.
Description: This red wine unites the flavours of the individual types of vine just like the characteristics of the different floors on this the grapes are rooted. Therefore cuvées are always very complex, full-bodied wines. In the nose a variety of flavours, currant, cherry, woods berries, plum and herb notes, also mocha, coffee and roasting notes because of the toasted oak wood however without standing out. A body rich, full but harmonious red wine cuvée. A body rich, full but harmonious red wine cuvée.
Alcohol: 13.0%
Residual sugar: 6.7 g/l
Acid: 5.7 g/l
Drinking temperature: 16-18°C
Drink recommendation: To firm meat dishes like wild dishes also to cheese or simple for the pure pleasure.

Decantation recommended.
Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Weingut Studier
Address: Fließstrasse 34-36 D-67158 Ellerstadt