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Depaz Rhum Cuvée Prestige in edler ovaler Holz-Schatulle

The noblest rum in an exceptional and precious wood casket.
0,7 liter - 45% ABV
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Article: Depaz Rhum Cuvée Prestige in edler ovaler Holz-Schatulle
Country: Martinique, St. Pierre
Rum type: Rhum Agricole Vieux, Appellation d´Origine Contrôlée
Distillery: Depaz
Alcohol: 45%
Colour: Golden mahogany
Flavour: Complex aromatic wealth. Notes of roasted dried fruits, slight notes of rose jam, cigar-box, narcissus and nuts. Spice notes and soft vanilla flavours.
Taste: Very full, fine and warm.
Finish: Very likeable.

Already since nearly 400 years Depaz rum has been produced from luxurious blue sugar cane in the distillery situated at the foot of the Mount Pelée. The rum is produced directly out of fresh sugar cane juice therefore it is a so-called "Rhum Agricole" (agricultural rum). By the special tropical climate the rum matures particularly fast and presents itself with a wonderfully flavour fullness and a refined character.

Further details
Country of origin: Martinique (French West Indies)
Company: Distillerie Depaz Exploitations agricoles de la montagne Pelée SA
Address: Habitation la montagne 97250 Saint Pierre Martinique
Distributor: CM-Spirit
Address: Stettiner Str. 32, D-31582 Nienburg/Weser