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Clairin Vaval Cavaillon Blanc 50,6%

0,7 liter - 50.6% ABV
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Article: Clairin Vaval Cavaillon Blanc 50,6%
Country: Haiti
Region: Southern Haiti
Classification: Premium Rum
Distillery: Arawaks Distillerie
Alcohol: 50.6%
Characteristics: Distilled from biologically grown sugar cane and fermented naturally.
Colour: Clear, with weak notes of light straw. Not brilliant and crystalline (no filtration).
Flavour: Vegetal notes of watermelon, cucumber and coriander with a light hint of black truffle. After the vegetal attack scents of fresh vanilla pod, and a very refreshing vinegary note, almost like gherkins.
Taste: Marvellous flavours of fruits and sea air. Exotic and fresh. Sipping is a complex experience, a splendid pungent attack, sweet toasted spices, gently warm, rich almost fatty.
Finish: Dry, long and a little bit zesty.
Drink recommendation: Neat, with ice and lime peels, but even mixed with fruits or herbs.  And for vanguard mixology.

What is "Moonshine" in America, is "Clairin" for the Haitians. There are approx. 500 little distilleries certainly today which produce this drink in an original way. Comparably with a Rhum Agricol, sugar cane juice forms the starting basis of these spirits.      

Further details
Country of origin: Haiti
Company: Velier S.p.A
Address: 16145 Genova, Italy