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Clairin Casimir Barraderes Blanc 49,5%

One of the worldwide best white premium rums.
0,7 liter - 49.5% ABV
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Article: Clairin Casimir Barraderes Blanc 49,5%
Country: Haiti; Barradères, situated at the caribbean coast.
Classification: Premium Rum
Distillery: Casimir Distillerie
Alcohol: 49.5%
Characteristics: Produced on the basis of the "Hawaii" sugar cane variant which is only cultivated in this region. During the fermentation anise seed, lemongrass and ginger are added to underline the flavours of the rum once again.
Colour: Clear, with notes of light straw. Not brilliant and crystalline (no filtration)
Flavour: Clean but fatty, herbaceous, with notes of truffles, medicinal, iodine, gas. The sugar cane aromas is neat but heavy, brown sugar toasted. Even Casimir has great energy.
Taste: Just poured is more on truffles and volatile notes go out, if sipped after a while it spreads up heavy sugary notes. More masculine.
Finish: Gassy, sugary.
Drink recommendation: Neat, with ice, but even mixed in experimental way with truffles peel, spices, citric essential oils. And for vanguard mixology.

What is "Moonshine" in America, is "Clairin" for the Haitians. There are approx. 500 little distilleries certainly today which produce this drink in an original way. Comparably with a Rhum Agricol, sugar cane juice forms the starting basis of these spirits.      

Further details
Country of origin: Haiti
Company: Velier S.p.A
Address: 16145 Genova, Italy
Distributor: La Maison du Whisky
Address: 8-10 Rue Gustave Eiffel 92110 Clichy, France