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Capel Pisco Reservado - Moai - Statue

Green smoked glass designer bottle formed like a statue of the Easter Islands.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Capel Reservado "Moai" Statue
Country: Chile
Region: Valle de Elqui
Producer: Capel
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: It is a blend of approx. 30% Muscat grapes, 70% Pedro Jimenez and Torontel grapes.
Taste: Delicate bouquet.
Drink recommendation: Purely or classically as Pisco sour as well as as a base many cocktails.

Pisco is a distillate from grapes. The Elqui valley in which the grapes grow, is in the midst of one of the driest deserts of the world. The countries and vineyards are watered with snow water from the Andes.

Further details
Country of origin: Chile
Company: Cooperativa Agricola Pisquera Elqui Ltda. (CAPEL)
Address: Carrión 1586, Independencia, Rm Santiago, Chile
Distributor: Chile Wein Import GmbH
Address: Bergheimer Str. 1c, D-53909 Zülpich