Canadian Club Classic 12 Years 1,0 Liter

Extremely mellow because of the long maturity period.
Age 12 J. - 1 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Canadian Club Classic 12 Years
Country: Canada
Region: Walkerville, Ontario
Whisk(e)y type: Canadian
Bottler: Hiram Walker & Sons
Age: 12 years
Barrel: White oak barrels
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Reddish gold
Flavour: Full, balanced and round, creamy and fruity.
Taste: Extremely mellow, dry rye fruit note, firm wood and slightly creamy vanilla note.
Finish: Long lasting, dry with lasting note of caramel.
Special: Blended before aged in white oak barrels.

List of ingredients: Canadian whisky (distilled from maize, rye, rye malt and barley malt distilled), water, pigment:  plain caramel.
Further details
Country of origin: Canada
Company: Canadian Club Import Company
Address: Deerfield, IL - USA
Distributor: Haromex Development GmbH
Address: Weihersfeld 45, D-41379 Brüggen