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Butterbird Rum Feuerfalter 0,5 Liter

0,5 liter - 46% ABV
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Article: Butterbird Rum Feuerfalter
Country: Germany
Distillery: Spreewood Distillers
Alcohol: 46%
Flavour: Fine notes after caramel, chocolate and fruits.
Taste: Firm body with a sweetness tied well. The flavours of the nose swirl as well about the taste buds of the tongue.
Finish: Lasting with a breath sweetness.
Drink recommendation: Pure or for mixing e.g. Rum Manhattan or Mai Tai.

A tribute to the art of the rum blending. Where Caribbean rums were blended with neutral spirit in the past, rum which is fermented distilled and matured in the spreewald Distillery today, becomes blended with Caribbean rums of different origin. The self-distilled rum with at least 51% always forms the basis of the blend.An expert panel provides a palatable balance from strength and seasoning as well as round fruit. The best from two worlds and just as much well suitable for use in cocktails.  

Butterbird" is old English for "butterfly",  the Jamaican slang for "rum".       

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Spreewood Distillers GmbH
Address: Dorfstr. 56, 15910 Schlepzig