Bodegas Tradicion Pedro Ximenez V.O.S. 20 Anos

Age 20 J. - 0,75 liter - 15% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Bodegas Tradición Pedro Ximénez V.O.S. 20 Años
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Category: Sherry sweet
Classification: V.O.S. (very old sherry)
Producer: Bodegas Tradición
Age: Matured approx. 22 years in oak barrels made of American oak in the Solera method, pure oxidative maturation.
Grape variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol: 15%
Colour: Very dark iodized with hints of ochre and very dense.
Flavour: Very intense fruity aromas, raisins, figs and plums with notes of black liquorice and dark roasted smells. Hints of bulrushes and straw as well as touches of dried tomatoes. It evokes memories of oil and tar aromas.
Taste: Very mellow, dense, silky and oily. Long aftertaste with chocolate, liquorice, coffee and toffee flavours.
Special: Hand-numbered "Jerezana" bottle. Annual bottling capacity: 4000 bottles/year.
Drinking temperature: 14 - 15° C, although at 8 - 10° C even though it will lose aromas and a little flavour.
Drink recommendation: Wonderfully with baked or soufflé type chocolates. Excellent with Christmas sweets and cakes, creamy but not acidic desserts. Surprising with blue cheeses like Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Treviso and mature goats cheeses. It goes well with Havana cigars.

Pedro Ximénez is made with the type of grape that is used in the making of wines of the same name in the Designation. As a result of characteristics of the grapes and the condition of the harvest, a sweet wine is produced. Using the same ageing methods as those of solera wines and by means of oxidative ageing, these wines are very special. The age gives the wine very fresh and intensively sweet raisiny notes, without it being cloying. At the production of a PX it is the special that the grapes are dried to raisins on bast mats in the hot sun of Andalusia before their processing. So the PX sweetness exclusively consists of a pure fruit sugar.

If the bottle is unopened, this wine will remain in perfect condition and even improve with time. Once the bottle has been opened, the wine will remain completely stable for up to 12 month, as long as it is kept in the vertical position and out of direct light (16-18°C).

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Bodegas Tradicion
Address: Plaza Cordobeses 3, 11408 Jerez de la Frontera - Spain