Bodegas Tradicion Amontillado V.O.R.S. 30 Anos

Age 30 J. - 0,75 liter - 19.5% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Bodegas Tradición Amontillado V.O.R.S. 30 Años
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Category: Sherry, very dry
Classification: V.O.R.S. (very old rare sherry)
Producer: Bodegas Tradición
Age: More than 30 years of age.
Grape variety: Palomino fino
Alcohol: 19.5%
Colour: Mahogany and coppery hints.
Flavour: Notes of acetaldehydes, piquant, with marine aromas, reminiscent of fish markets, salted and smoked meat and fish, nuts and bitter almonds.
Taste: Extremely dry and salty, it is a long, complex wine, notably dry persistent, which makes it a good accompaniment to a wide variety of food.
Special: Hand-numbered "Jerezana" bottle. Annual bottling capacity: 3000 bottles/year.
Drinking temperature: 12 - 14° C
Drink recommendation: For all its gustative characteristics, amontillado is a wine which requires dishes of strong contrasts, such as pickles (gherkins, olives, aubergines in vinegar), salted fish (such as anchovies or cod), smoked fish ( sturgeon, eel and tuna fish), caviar, herring and, of course, vinegar dominant dishes, such as pickled food and spicy dishes including those of oriental cuisine.

Amontillado is a classic Jerez wine, which had a initial biological ageing phase under flor, followed by an oxidative one. This combination in its ageing makes amontillado wines very particular, remarkable for the biological ageing character despite having spent many years in contact with the air. This one, with an average of over 43 years of age, is the result of blend of a selection of soleras from Jerez, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Sanlúcar, and has some unique characteristics.

If the bottle is unopened, this wine will remain in perfect condition and even improve with time. Once the bottle has been opened, the wine will remain completely stable for up to 12 month, as long as it is kept in the vertical position and out of direct light (16-18°C).

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Bodegas Tradicion
Address: Plaza Cordobeses 3, 11408 Jerez de la Frontera - Spain