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Blankeneser Premium Dry Gin - Motiv 'Alsterdampfer'

Collectors Edition Hamburg: 2018
0,5 liter - 45% ABV
currently not available
Article: Blankeneser Premium Dry Gin - Motiv 'Alsterdampfer'
Country: Germany
Region: Hamburg-Blankenese / Schleswig-Holstein
Producer: Fine Blankeneser Goods GmbH
Distillery: Feingeisterei / Fabian Rohrwasser
Alcohol: 45%
Characteristics: The gin-formula developed exclusively for this London Dry Gin is rounded off by coriander, cardamom, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, angelica root, wormwood cabbage, meadowsweet, lavenders, orange-blossoms and orange peel. Created lovingly in small batches and by hand.
Flavour: Bouquet with notes of orange peel, orange-blossom and lavender.
Taste: Characteristic sweet sharpness and subliminal noble bitter note.

The Alsterdampfer began in 1857 to operate as a public means of local transport. There are only tourist offers today. One can take a boat trip in a solar catamaran or in a hydrogen fuel cells operated passenger boat over the Alster next to museum ships restored lovingly.     

The BLANKENESER Premium Gin stands out due to its unique product design. There are currently twelve different labels on a bottle which tell stories from Blankenese and from Hamburg.
The different labels are based on hand marked illustrations which are supplemented with other motifs every year. All bottles are hand numbered.
Furthermore, the back of the bottle labels are illustrated. If one turns the bottle and looks on the back the illustration is repeated and supplemented with a short explanation text. A magnifying effect arises from the liquid and lets the motif jump out of the bottle. 

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Fine Blankeneser Goods GmbH
Address: Elbterrasse 3a, D-22587 Hamburg Germany