Grappa / Trester / Marc

Berta Bric del Gaian Grappa di Moscato 2013 in Wooden Box

Aged Grappa.
Year 2013 - 0,7 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Berta Bric del Gaian Grappa di Moscato 2013 in Holzkiste
Country: Italy
Classification: Grappa / Marc
Distillery: Distillerie Berta
Vintage: 2013
Grape variety: Moscato
Alcohol: 43%
Colour: Amber
Flavour: Complex, subtle, overwhelming with great personality. Among the various multiple sensations perceived th clary sage, small forest fruits, the prapefruit and the vanilla stand out.
Taste: Complex and rich, overwhelming, the silky texture remains for a long time in the mouth.
Drink recommendation: It is recommended to serve in a long-stemmed glas.
Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Company: Distillerie Berta s.r.l.
Address: Frazione Casalotto Via Guasti 34/36, 14046 Mombaruzzo (AT)