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Benedictine D.O.M

The classic Premium Liqueur.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Bénédictine D.O.M
Country: France
Region: Fécamp, Normandy
Category: Premium Liqueur
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: The famous Bénédictine is a subtle composition from 27 herbs and spices.
Taste: Notes of lemon and balm, a breath peppermint, warm notes of vanilla, myrrh and mace, nutmeg, coriander, tea and saffron.
Drink recommendation: Pure, with ice, filled up with champagne, with orange or grapefruit juice, or as a cocktail.

His mysterious recipe dates back to the 16th century - a monastic elixir that the wine merchant Alexandre Le grand rediscovered and it finally mentioned to Liqueur Bénédictine DOM (deodorant optimo Maximo). In honour of the cloister.

List of ingredients: Alcohol, sugar, water, vegetable extracts, colour: caramel E150b
E numbers: E150b
Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: Bacardi GmbH
Address: Hindenburgstraße 49, D-22297 Hamburg