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Beluga Vodka Gold Line

A masterpiece for the highest demand and pleasure.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Beluga Vodka Gold Line
Country: Russia
Classification: Super Premium Vodka
Distillery: Mariinsky Distillery
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: The effortful production process is characterized by much work done by hand and care. Natural ingredients of highest quality: Unique malt spirit and crystal-clear water of Siberian sources, filtered additionally through the finest pebble sand and silver.  After a 5-fold distillation rice and roseroot extracts are added. The Vodka then matures for 90 days. Followed by the filling into bottles with a massy metal label incl. silver coloured Beluga fish, the individual numbering and the seal with corks and red sealing wax.
Colour: Pure and clear colour.
Flavour: Slight floral notes develop in the nose.
Taste: At the palate delicate fullness, voluminous body connected with a velvety softness.
Drink recommendation: Enjoy purely.


Further details
Country of origin: Russia
Company: Mariinsk Distillery JSC (Russian Distillery Co. LL)
Address: 28 Palchikova St. Mariinsk 652154 Russia
Distributor: Dovgan GmbH
Address: Zinkhüttenweg 6, 22113 Hamburg