Barack Puszta Kecskemeti

World-famous apricot destillate from the orchard of Hungary and the national drink of the Hungarians.
0,7 liter - 37.5% ABV
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Article: Barack Puszta Kecskeméti
Country: Hungary
Region: South of Hungary, Kecskemét
Producer: Zwack Unicum
Alcohol: 37.5%
Characteristics: As is well known, the most aromatic apricots of the world grow in the region Kecskemeti. Only the exquisite, fully ripe fruits are used for the production. The distillation is carried out twice in copper boilers. After this it stores several years in oak barrels. It has a full bouquet of sun mature apricots and a marvellously aromatic smell.
Drinking temperature: You drink it hand-hotly or chilled to every opportunity.


Further details
Country of origin: Hungary
Company: Zwack Unicum PLC.
Address: H -1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 26. Hungary
Distributor: Borco Markenimport
Address: 22525 Hamburg