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Bailoni Marillenlikör

This synonymous for apricot liqueur worldwide.
0,7 liter - 30% ABV
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Article: Bailoni Marillenlikör
Country: Austria
Region: Wachau
Alcohol: 30%
Taste: Full bouquet of sun matured apricots.
Special: The excellent quality of Bailoni is not least confirmed by meanwhile 18 gold medals at the annual world award "Monde Selection" in Brussels.

The reaped freshly, fully ripe and apricots pitted get gently worn and pressed to apricot juice. The fruit share is twice as big as stipulated legally 20%. The manufacturing method remains a secret of the family. The Bouquet from this Bailoni marillen liqueur is full of sun matured apricots.

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Eugen Bailoni GmbH
Address: Steiner Landstraße 102, 3504 Krems-Stein Austria