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Averna Amaro Siciliano 1,0 Liter

This fine, bittersweet liqueur is produced exclusively from natural ingredients.
1 liter - 29% ABV
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Article: Averna Amaro Siciliano
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Producer: Averna
Alcohol: 29%
Flavour: Intense herb flavours and fine citrus note.
Taste: Complex and balanced, full-bodied and bittersweet.
Drink recommendation: Pure, on the rocks or with a splash of lemon.

The recipe of this Sicilian herb liqueur specialty was entrusted to 1868 of the family Averna. Select herbs provide the aromatic taste to this day.

Select herbs, roots, barks, berries and citrus peels are used for the production of this popular semi-sweet liqueur. Strictly without any additives like essences and extracts.


Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Company: Fratelli Averna S.p.A.
Address: Via Xiboli, 345, 93100 Caltanissetta Italy