Armazem Vieira Cachaca TERRA

A balanced complexity which reaches out far over an exquisite Cachaça.
Age 12 J. - 0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Armazem Vieira Cachaça TERRA
Country: Brazil
Category: Brazilian spirit drink from sugar cane juice
Age: 12 Years
Description: Such a Cachaça has not given it with it at any time. The balanced complexity which reaches out far over an exquisite Cachaça raises the question: "Is this really a Cachaça"?.  Enthusiasts of finest Anglo-Saxon distillates are warned in this place: Perhaps the gentleness of TERRA is even what they have always looked for. And it is really a Cachaça.
Alcohol: 40%
Taste: By the maturity in Grápia and Ariribá wooden barrels it has a bouquet of the highest quality with most subtly differentiated flavours.
Drink recommendation: Pure, on ice or easily hand-hot.
Further details
Country of origin: Brazil
Company: Canafita Industria de Bebidas Ltda.
Address: Rua Aldo Alves, 15, Fundos Saco dos Limões - Cidade Florianópolis
Distributor: Haromex Development GmbH
Address: Weihersfeld 45 D-41379 Brüggen