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Anise Chinchon Dulce 1,0 Liter

Sweet anise liqueur exclusively from natural ingredients.
1 liter - 35% ABV
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Article: Anis Chinchón Dulce
Country: Spain
Producer: Gonzales Byass S.A.
Alcohol: 35%
Characteristics: Produced according to the traditional Chinchón distillation method from green aniseed (Matalahúga). In order to obtain sweet Cinchón sugar syrup is added. Total sugar content is 270 g/l.
Flavour: Clean and intense with notes of the essential oils of the green anised.
Taste: Sweet, smooth and warm.
Drink recommendation: Perfect as an aperitif or digestive, on its own or with ice.

The traditional production of the Chinchon has not changed over the centuries. The special flavours has the Chinchon from the seeds of the Matalahúga (green anise). Spanish anise seeds are qualitatively of high quality since they produce a softer anise than other seeds. The Chinchon production is part of Gonzalez Byass since 1969.      

Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Gonzales Byass S.A.
Address: C/Manuel Maria Gonzales 12, 11403 Jerez de la Frontera Spain