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Alto del Carmen Pisco Envejecido 40% Etiquetta Negra

Envejecido, the mature - a gentle palate flatterer.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Alto del Carmen Pisco Envejecido 40% Etiquetta Negra
Country: Chile
Region: Huasco Valley, Mount Alto del Carmen
Producer: Capel
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: Pressed to 100% from the Rosa Moscatel and then improved in barrels made of American oak. The double distillation takes away any sharpness.
Colour: Brilliant colour
Flavour: Gentle and aromatic.
Taste: Gentle palate flatterer. Full, mature, dark flavours.
Finish: Long aftertaste.
Drinking temperature: Room - temperature
Drink recommendation: Pure

The Chilean national liquor Pisco has its origin in Peru and got its name of the port Pisco. The wine-growing area starts about 500 km north of Santiago de Chile, where the Muscat grape grows, which is used for the distillation. The base of the Pisco is a distillate, produced according to the classic cognac method.

Further details
Country of origin: Chile
Company: Cooperativa Agricola Pisquera Elqui Ltda. (CAPEL)
Address: Carrión 1586, Independencia, Rm Santiago, Chile
Distributor: Chile Wein Import GmbH
Address: Bergheimer Str. 1c, D-53909 Zülpich