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3 Bottles Aimery Grande Cuvée 1531 Cremant de Limoux Blanc Brut 0,75 Ltr. + 1 Fl. St. Germain Holunderblütenlikör 0,05 Ltr. gratis

One of the best sparkling wines of France. + St. Germain Holunderblütenlikör (Elderflower Liqueur) - simply great.
2,25 liter - 12.5% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Aimery Grande Cuvée 1531 Cremant de Limoux Blanc Brut + St. Germain Holunderblütenlikör
Country: France
Region: Languedoc - Roussillion / Alpine foothills
Category: Sparkling wine, dry + Liqueur
Classification: AOC
Producer: Sieur d'Arques / Maison St-Germain
Grape variety: 70% Chardonnay, 20% Chenin blanc, 10% Mauzac
Alcohol: 12.5%
Characteristics: A super Crémant, named after the year of its discovery! Finest notes and flavours after green apple and honey, floral notes and white blossoms. The fine sparkling is characterized by freshness and refinement.
St. Germain is probably the best elder flower liqueur of the world at present. The elderflowers are picked by hand and processed gently in shortest time. A brilliant liqueur which matches a lot of cocktails arises from it.
Special: Crémant: 12 months yeast storage.

St. Germain: To 100% unspoilt, without any preservatives and few sugar. Therefore put the bottle cool after the beginning and use up in approx. 6 months.
Drinking temperature: 7 - 8° C

Perfect Serve:

St-Germain Spritz

4cl St. Germain Holunderblütenlikör
6 cl chilled Aimery Grande Cuvée 1531 Crémant de Limoux Blanc Brut
6 cl chilled soda
Mix all ingredients in a high tall glass with much ice stir themselves completely and garnish with a citrus zest.

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: Aimery Sieur d'Arques
Address: Av de Carcassonne 11300 LIMOUX